✽ I must thank-you for looking after me! You are helping me to stay strong physically and mentally! Thank-you Daniela.

✽ Thank-you for the herbal formula for hayfever. I have been taken it for only three days and have already stopped the anti-histamine. (which is great as the pollen count has been so high)! Take care and thank-you for helping me.

✽ Thank-you for looking after me! I can’t believe how much better I feel.

✽ Thanks for the herbs! They appear to be working as the rash has nearly gone. The ingredients must suit me as I feel great!!

✽ I wanted to let you know that for the first time since childhood my psoriasis has cleared up, so it’s pretty amazing, you are a genius! Thanks so much for everything.

✽ I wanted to write to tell you that my digestion has settled down, no more diarrhoea or bloatedness, I must admit the diet has been hard to follow and the herbs taste disgusting! I know they are working as I forgot them for a weekend away and I found the symptoms coming back.

✽ Thank-you for the cream for my rash. It worked wonders on the cut on my hand, the pain went away immediately!

✽ The last lot have helped a lot – I really noticed a difference when I started taking them in feeling less ‘down’

✽ My periods are no longer painful or heavy! Thank-you so much I is great not to have to be stuck in the house at that time of the month, I am also glad as it means I can avoid the surgery

✽I have good news, I am pregnant! I am convinced the herbs and the supplements are what enabled me to fall pregnant and avoid the IVF. I wanted to let you know as I am so happy. Thanks for all your help.

✽I wanted to drop you a line to say that the sleep mix seams to be the right formula for me. I have slept through the night for an entire week so please can you send me another bottle. Thanks for checking in.

✽ Please send me more of my “potion” I can’t tell you how nice it is to wake up naturally with energy! Also you may want to know the headaches have completely gone. Thanks so much and I will book in next month.