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  How much water do I have to mix ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC with?
We suggest mixing ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC with a minimum of half a glass of water, that is about 4 fl oz.  


 Can you mix ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC with a juice or a smoothie?
Yes you may, but for quickest absorption it is best taken 10 minutes before eating with water.


 Can you take ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC tonic with or after meals? 
Yes you may, but for quickest absorption it is best taken 10 minutes before eating with water.


 Can you take ADAPTIVIR™️ BOOST on an empty stomach?
No, ADAPTIVIR™️ BOOST must be taken with a meal. Ingredients like vitamin C and N.A.C. may irritate an empty stomach. Also other ingredients like vitamin D and A are best absorbed when taken with food.


 I have a sensitive stomach, can I take ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC and BOOST? 
If you have a sensitive stomach we suggest spreading ADAPTIVIR™️ BOOST out over the day. One capsule with each meal instead of all three capsules with one meal. 
ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC contains herbs that are beneficial for the digestive system so it is unlikely to upset the stomach but if it does please divide the dose throughout the day and instead of before meals take after meals.


 Can I take more of the ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC and BOOST than stated on the bottle?
Unless advised by your doctor or health care provider please do not exceed the recommended dose. 


 Can I take ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC and BOOST long term? 
Yes ADAPTIVIR™️ is designed for long term use. However the formulators of ADAPTIVIR™️ cite studies that show that botanical and nutritional medicine can be more effective if short breaks are taken periodically. For example every three months a one week break.  


 Do you test your products for heavy metals?
Yes. All of our products are tested by batch in U.S. third party verified labs that check for heavy metals, organic and inorganic material.


 How is it best to store ADAPTIVIR™️
Our products can all be stored at room temperature (69-77°f) out of direct sunlight. If  you live in a very hot climate, you can keep them refrigerated. 


 Can you take ADAPTIVIR™️ BOOST with other dietary supplements? 
Certain nutrients can build up over time as we suggest you not taking additional Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Selenium and zinc unless you have been recommended to by your healthcare provider. This is because ADAPTIVIR™️ BOOST was designed to give your body the levels it needs of these key nutrients.
The other nutrients in ADAPTIVIR™️ BOOST are Vitamin C, quercetin, beta-glucans, NAC, green tea and lemon balm do not accumulate in your body so if you have a supplement with these nutrients in there is likely to be no issues with taking alongside ADAPTIVIR™️ BOOST but please check with your health care provider. If you take a dietary supplement with ingredients that are not in
ADAPTIVIR™️ BOOST, for example a B-Complex it is generally fine to take in conjunction with ADAPTIVIR™️ BOOST however please check with your health care provider in each case. If you are taking many dietary supplements or prescribed medication please check with your physician before taking ADAPTIVIR™️ BOOST or TONIC.


 Can you take other herbal medicines with ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC?
We suggest you discuss the combination of botanicals in ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC and the herbal medicines you wish to combine with your herbalist or naturopath or prescribing physician. 


 I notice there is alcohol in ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC, I avoid alcohol, do you make a tonic that is alcohol free?
The Alcohol in ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC is extremely small and is there for a reason. It helps the bioavailability of the chemical constituents. However, if alcohol is avoided, it can be easily removed. We suggest adding the dose of Adaptivir tonic to a wide plate and leaving at room temperature overnight. By the morning the alcohol will have evaporated. What is left is a sticky residue containing the botanical chemicals. You can use hot water to dissolve this. The solution of hot water and herbs can then taken as usual. 


 Can children or teenagers take ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC and BOOST? 
ADAPTIVIR™️ was designed to be taken by adults. However children of a certain age and teenagers can take it if they are recommended the correct dosage by the child's healthcare provider. We can not recommend any pediatric doses over the phone or via email, please contact your child's pediatrician.


 I noticed that ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC has licorice, can I take this with high blood pressure?  
Licorice when taken long term in high doses can in some people increase blood pressure. We suggest people with high blood pressure do not take ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC. The dose of the licorice in ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC has not been associated with an increase in blood pressure. 


 I have autoimmune disease. Can I take ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC and BOOST?
If you have any disease that requires medical treatment please check with your health care provider before taking ADAPTIVIR™️ BOOST and TONIC.


 Does ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC and BOOST have any other health benefits than immune support? 
This is a great question and the answer is yes the botanical and nutritional ingredients have many other benefits. The most common feedback we have received is that people feel more energy and a greater sense of wellbeing after taking ADAPTIVIR™️ BOOST and TONIC.


 Is there a better time of the day to take ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC and BOOST? 
You can take ADAPTIVIR™️ BOOST and TONIC at any time of the day as long as the boost capsules are taken with food. 


 Are there any side effects of taking ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC and BOOST?
If ADAPTIVIR™️ BOOST capsules are taken on an empty stomach which is NOT recommended it can cause nausea and stomach aches. We suggest ADAPTIVIR™️ BOOST is always taken with food. If a person has a very sensitive stomach, we suggest spreading out the dose. This would mean taking one capsule with each meal instead of three with one meal. 


 It is possible that people with certain plant allergies may react to ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC and BOOST?
If you have a known allergy to the chamomile family we suggest not to take ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC.


 I forgot to take my dose of ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC and BOOST what should I do?
If you usually take your dose in the morning and remember later in the day then take the dose when you remember. If you miss a day entirely just take as usual the next day, there is no need to take an additional dose. 


 Can I take ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC in hot water like tea?
Yes you can, you can even mix ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC with your favorite over the counter herbal tea. 


 Can I take ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC with no water at all?
We recommend ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC is always taken in at least half a glass of water or juice. 


 How long does it take for ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC and BOOST to work?
Due to the products superior absorption the ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC  and BOOST will begin to have an effect within 20 minutes. 


 I think I have been exposed to a friend who is sick, is it too late to take ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC AND BOOST?
We suggest taking a double dose of the ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC  and the normal dose of ADAPTIVIR™️ BOOST if you are in close proximity to a sick person. This increased dose can be taken for 4 days and up to two weeks. ADAPTIVIR™️ BOOST can also be increased for a short period, but only under supervision of a health care provider.


 Can I increase the dose of ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC AND BOOST?
As described above, you can increase ADAPTIVIR™️ TONIC to two doses a day for a short period of time. (Four days and up to two weeks). With ADAPTIVIR™️ BOOST we suggest not increasing the dose unless recommended under supervision of a  healthcare provider.