Sleep and immunity and how even one night’s poor sleep can have a detrimental effect

The immune system is a complex interplay of biochemical processes involved in fighting off viral and bacterial infections, wound healing, reaction to allergens, removal of toxins as well as combatting malignant cells.

A relatively short disruption in sleep can have an impact on the immune defenses of the body. A study carried out on nurses showed that after one short night’s sleep, totaling 4 hours, Natural Killer (NK) cells were significantly reduced. NK cells are involved in killing tumor cells and reduced NK cells are associated with an increased cancer risk.(1,2)

Sleep loss is also linked to an increased risk of viral infection. Even when sleep disruption was short lived and was followed by a period of catch up sleep. In one study sleep was restricted to 4 hours a night for 6 nights followed by sleeping 12 hours a night for 7 days. This showed a 50% decrease in antibody production to influenza in comparison to those who had regular sleep.(3)

Sleep also impacts the immune system by priming the body to be in a more inflammatory state, with even one night's poor sleep increasing inflammatory cytokines. (4, 5)

No matter how well you eat, take supplements and herbs it is vital to prioritize healthy sleep patterns to help the immune system work at its optimal level. 

Natural sleep solutions which can help include: 

Going to bed at the same time and waking at the same time. Keeping to a routine helps the body to produce both the sleep hormone melatonin and, in the morning, cortisol which helps you to get you up and out of bed. (6)

Practice good sleep hygiene by taking an hour to wind down before bed, ideally with minimal light exposure from screens to encourage restful sleep. (7)

Making sure to have adequate nutrition to produce the hormones needed for sleep. To make melatonin our body needs the amino acid tryptophan and the mineral magnesium. A deficiency in any three can disrupt sleep.(8,9)

Consider a herbal sleep aid like valerian root before bed. Regular use of this traditional medicine has been shown to normalize sleep patterns.(10)

Cognitive behavioral strategies for insomnia (CBT-I) can be very helpful. And include meditation or breath work to keep the nervous system calm. Just ten minutes a day of regular meditation has been shown to reduce stress hormones and aid sleep.(11)

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